Activities for the Year 2022-23

State Level consultation on Policy for women and girls

Sadhana Foundation has organized a state level consultation on “Policy for women and girls “ at Bhubaneswar on 23rd April 2022 with policy makers, civil society organizations and women rights defenders for identifying the gap in implementation of existing state women policy and schemes and a draft has been prepared with the assistance of civil society organizations and forums, legal experts, women right defenders, media professionals, academicians, social workers to share with concerned departments for bringing change and improvement in existing women policies. The policy considers a life cycle approach, covering concerns of girls and women at birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and during old age-on the key focus areas like survival, health & nutrition, education, livelihood, asset ownership, decision making, participation and political representation, safety, security and protection, and girls and women with special needs. The policy emphasis increased capacity building and strengthened institutional and legal areas. The focal areas were gender-based violence, safety and security for women and girl child, create awareness, deter crimes, expedite pending cases, and introduce behavioral changes.

Awareness Programme on Reproductive Health and Menstrual Hygiene

Sadhana Foundation organized an awareness programme on “Women Reproductive Health and Menstrual Hygiene.” For adolescent girls and mothers at Baramunda Bhoi Sahi, Bhubaneswar on 21st May 2022 with the support of Area Level Federations. The focal points of the discussion were good menstrual health and hygiene practices which can prevent infections, reduce odors, and help to stay comfortable during periods. Reproductive hygiene helps in the prevention of sexually transmitted infections such as AIDS or HIV. It keeps the mother and the child away from infectious diseases and helps in delivering a healthy body. A complete knowledge regarding early pregnancy, and post childbirth care of the mother and baby can be achieved and taken care of. We had also discussed about adolescent’s role to follow safe sexual practices and not get involved in wrong methods and illegal practices. The community participation was very good in that programme.

Capacity building training for women leaders in the participation of local self-governance

Sadhana Foundation has organized a two days training programme on “Capacity building for women leaders in local self-governance” where more than 60 women leaders joined and actively participated in the programme at Dasapalla, Nayagarh district at June 2022. Women’s equal participation and representation in local government’s agendas and for localizing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) along with Gender balanced local bodies can help to attain gender balance at the national levels. The involvement of more women leaders in local self-governance can achieve the gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girl child. As we know the exclusion of women from decision making bodies limits the possibilities for entrenching the principles of democracy in society. The discussion was also pointed out women’s equal participation with men in power and decision making is part of their fundamental rights to participate in political life, and at the core of gender equality and women’s empowerment as women have to be active participants in determining development agenda in socio-economic, political paradigm.

Seminar on “Role of Women in Climate smart Agriculture”

Sadhana foundation in support of local community-based organizations organized a seminar on “Role of women in climate smart agriculture”, where the discussion was based on the climate smart agriculture which is an integrated approach to managing landscapes cropland, livestock, forests and fisheries of food security and climate change. It has a significant role to play in reducing the gender gap in labor burden for women in agriculture. This approach involves mapping women in agriculture, climate risks, and poverty hotspots and entails understanding the role of women in agricultural activities. Women’s involvement in agriculture and their contributions to food security in the forming communities, improving women’s access to productive resources, finance and knowledge, promoting off farm employment and capacity building on adaptation options can empower them to adapt to a changing climate. The seminar was really a successful programme and the participation of local women also excited.

Awareness programme on Climate Change

An awareness programme on “climate change” has been organized successfully with the support of Institute for youth and Disaster Preparedness, Srirampur, Khurdha district, a leading Organisation which is working on disaster management and preparedness along with environment. The awareness programme was all about the social media awareness like WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, Facebook etc. sharing of case studies and success stories with real life experiences, discussion on personal actions that fight climate change, distribution of IEC materials etc.
Though climate change is the single biggest health threat facing humanity and climate impacts are already harming health through air pollution, disease, extreme weather event, forced displacement, pressures on mental health and increased hunger and poor nutrition in places, the awareness programme was very much important among the community.

Awareness programme on Gender and gender-based violence

An awareness programme on “Gender and gender-based violence” was successfully organized by Sadhana Foundation in collaboration with Social Welfare Agency and Training Institute (SWATI), Kandhamal at Kapila Prashad, Bhubaneswar on 15th of October 2022. Ms. Sasmita Pahadsingh, a community leader and the president of area level federation took the initiative and gathered more than 50 leaders from their area to became aware on gender inequality, gender stereotypy, gender-based violence, cybercrime etc. Through group discussion, case study analyses and audio-visual presentation we tried our best to communicate our messages on above topics. The participation level was too high there and most of the women shared their personal experiences very openly of day-to-day affairs.

Workshop on “Transgender Inclusivity: A Reality Check”

We organized a day long workshop on “Transgender inclusivity” at Ravenshaw Higher secondary School, Cuttack where the discussion was about how we can create a conducive environment for transgender in educational institutions as the soul of inclusivity is to allow students to study without discriminating them based on gender, caste, and class. Ms. Arati Tripathy, Principal, Ms. Rita Das, senior faculty, Ms. Meera Parida, social activist has participated and discussed the issued relating to transgender inclusiveness.

Seminar on corruption free India and developed nation

One day seminar on Corruption free India and developed nation was organized by Sadhana Foundation at Ravenshaw Higher secondary School, Cuttack, where Ms. Sujata Jena, deputy S.P, Vigilance, Principal, Faculties and all the students participated so actively and discussed with the issues, tools for transparency and accountability, govt. schemes etc. For them to achieve a corruption free India, we must promote transparency, accountability, good governance, educating the public about their rights and law is also very much essential. So, a corruption free India will lead a developed nation. It is not only a moral imperative, but a prerequisite for a developed nation.

Seminar on Role of youth and women in combating Gender based violence

We organized a seminar on “Role of youth and women in combating gender and gender based violence “in association with Ekamra College, Bhubaneswar on 17th December 2022 where we discussed the role and responsibilities of youth and women leaders in combating gender and gender based violence. All the degree students had participated so nicely in the seminar and discussed the major topics like mainstreaming gender, gender stereotypes, gender discriminations, gender-based violence like physical, psychological, sexual, financial and cultural. We also discussed how young people will be dealing with the immediate impacts of their experiences such as ongoing abuse or harassment from the perpetrator, feelings of shock, anger, or fear as they try to make sense of what has happened, any physical or sexual health impacts.

Legal Literacy Programme for women

A two days legal literacy programme for women leaders was organized at Dhenkanal with the support of SWATI, Kandhamal on 10th and 11th of February 2023, where more than 30 women leaders participated very actively. The govt. official’s i.e. additional district magistrate, district labor officer, senior journalist and other dignitaries had graced the occasion. The trainee participants became aware on government’s legal rights, provisions, entitlements, institutional arrangements along with schemes during this training programme. The domestic violence act 2005, The POSH Act 2013, The POCSO act 2012, Dowry prohibition act 1964, property rights, PCPNDT Act 1994, immoral trafficking prevention Act 1956 and schemes like one stop centre, Swadhar Grih, ujjawala home, Adweka scheme for adolescent girls, victim compensation scheme, women commission etc were the major points of discussion.

Seminar on Indian women and Law

On the eve of International Women’s Day, Sadhana Foundation was organized a seminar on “Indian women and Law “on 7th of March 2023 at Lohia Academy, Bhubaneswar. More than 120 women leaders and youths had participated very actively and discussed the importance of laws and rights for women leaders in combating violence against women and girl child. Fundamental rights, among others ensure equality before the law and equal protection of law: prohibits discrimination against any citizen on grounds of religion, race, sex, caste or place of birth and guarantee equality of opportunity to all citizens were the focused points of the programme.