Covid Awareness Programme in urban community

Covid-19 pandemic has been unprecedented with its impact of scale and scope with wreaking havoc on a global scale and affecting the lives as well as the livelihoods of the people. Never before has human existence on the Earth been challenged so vividly nor has human civilization looked so helpless and hapless before a challenge. Clueless and cueless, our effort was to save ourselves from the pandemic through adoption of Covid appropriate behavior and its dissemination through awareness building.
Sadhana Foundation in collaboration with SWATI (Social welfare Agency and Training Institute), Kandhamal organized an awareness programme on 29th of May 2021 during pandemic on Covid -19. The Awareness Programme underlined the importance of social distancing, hygiene and sanitation, proper uses of masks, co-morbidity risk factors of Covid 19 and use of oxymeter. The programme was held in Unit-9, Bhubaneswar. More than six community Covid warriors played the instrumental role in spreading awareness among the local community. The programme not only created awareness among the community but also encouraged the community leaders to play the role of Covid Warriors in furthering the effort of educating the people.

Celebration of World Environment Day

The World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5th of June to raise global awareness and to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet. It is a day which reminds everyone to get involved in environment friendly activities.
Keeping this aim in view, Sadhana Foundation and IYDP (Institute for Youth and Disaster Preparedness) Khurdha jointly celebrated World Environment Day among the villagers in IYDP office premises. More than fifty villagers participated in the event and vowed to protect the environment and village community forest. Some villagers (both Male and female) were felicitated as “Prakrutibandhu” for their significant contribution in protecting the environment. The programme was attended by PRI members, social workers, youth volunteers and school going children as the objective was to reach out to all the segments of the population with the positive message of environment conservation and restorative actions.

Life Skill Education and Gender for Adolescent Girls

Life Skill Education has a significant role in removing gender inequality from our society. It is the right of every adolescent girl to live in a world which is gender just and access all the options and opportunities for a life of human dignity and realization of innate potential. Development of society hinges upon gender justice. Life skill education is an important tool through which gender inequality can be promoted. Life skill education can make every girl self-motivated, strong and well-adjusted human being.
While the pandemic shut down the usual business of life and activities, Sadhana Foundation sought to utilize the time in a creative way by spreading Life Skill Education and the messages for creation of a gender just society among the adolescents of Bhubaneswar. On behalf of Sadhana Foundation, Ms. Sujata Mohapatra attended the programmes on Life Skill Education held in Unit-9, Bhubaneswar. The programme was supported by SWATI, (Social welfare Agency and Training Institute) Kandhamal. The local corporator and the Anganwadi worker played the role of facilitators in involving the adolescent girls and making the message of gender justice a fact of life among the adolescents.

Capacity Building Training Programme for youths to fight against Gender and Gender based Violence

Gender and gender-based violence has been a universal phenomenon cutting across social strata. In India, the problem is more acute for its rigid social structure and imposing patriarchal culture. It is high time to take cudgel against Gender and Gender based violence. The capacity building programme was organized with the objectives to
• Eliminate violence against women at home/community/society
• Enhance conjugal peace and harmony
• Enhance girl child survival
• Remove gender-based misconceptions from the society
15 workshops on gender and gender-based violence were organised successfully in 15 different colleges and Universities. The capacity building programmes covered nine different districts i.e., Khurdha, Puri, Cuttack, Kandhamal, Ganjam, Dhenkanal, Angul, Sambalpur and Bargarh of Odisha. Each of the programmes was held for two days’ duration where interactive discussions and different methodologies were adopted to increase the active participation of youths. The active participation of students, principals, Managing Board and other faculties enriched the content and context of the topic and gave rise to creative and innovative methods of delivering the message on gender equality and gender justice.

Menstrual Hygiene and Management

Menstrual Hygiene and management (MHM) is a problem for adolescent girls, particularly when they are in school going age and attend school. Poor water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities in schools, inadequate puberty education and lack of hygiene MHM items (absorbents) cause girls to experience menstruation as shameful and uncomfortable. Cultural taboos add to the difficulties and impose restrictions on their diet. Raising awareness to break the silence and stigma were the key messages delivered through these programmes.
Sadhana Foundation and SWATI organized a day long training programme on Menstrual Hygiene and Management for adolescent girls of Regional Science Park area, Bhubaneswar where more than 30 adolescent girls participated actively and shared their views. The basic objective of this programme was to assess the status of Menstrual Hygiene management (MHM) among adolescent girls and to determine unmet needs. Information on Menarche awareness, type of absorbent used, disposal, hygiene, restrictions and school college absenteeism were the focal points of discussions. Some girls also shared their own experiences on the prevalent myths and taboos with regards to menstrual health and hygiene. The local Corporator, Anganwadi Worker, members of MAS (Mahila Arogya Samiti) graced the programme.

Youth Leadership Camp

Sadhana Foundation organized two days’ Youth Leadership Camp on 21st and 22nd of January 2021 for NSS (National service Scheme) volunteers at Sanatana Harichandan Degree College, Madanpur, Janala, Khurdha with participation of more than 90 students. Analyses and evaluation of leadership style, team building skill, communication and interpersonal skills, constitutional Rights, role of Panchayatiraj system and good Governance, RTI Act, Gender Equality and role of social media in bringing about transformation were the major topics of discussion during the Leadership Camp.

Celebration of International Women’s Day

For 2022, the UN has given the theme of “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”, which aims to recognize women as the change agents of today and harbinger of a more sustainable world of the future. We celebrated International Women’s Day at Bhubaneswar with more than 200 women leaders on 8th of March 2022 along with some social workers, PRI members and Govt. Officials. The programme was followed by a rally which emphasized on women’s Rights and sought to train the focus of the public on several issues such as Gender equality, reproductive rights, violence and abuse against women and girl child.